December 2013 Newsletter

It has been 4 years since our last newsletter. As you may recall, we were just preparing for the birth of our first son at the time. Logan was born right on schedule, March 25th, 2010, and our lives have never been the same since. Logan has blessed us in more ways than we could have imagined. He was a very happy and easy going baby who started walking at 9 months of age. He is now almost 4 years old and just started attending preschool this summer. He really seems to enjoy school and showing off all he learns.

Logan Dancing Like a Mad Man

Big Man Playin

Logan the Place Kicker

Monkey Toes: Logan's New Trick

Logan came up with this one all on his own.

Logan's a crazy monster

Logan showing off all his tricks.

Logan jumps for the first time

Logan running around crazy like

Logan and the Giraffe

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