Your manger awaits

Well, it's almost time for the little tyke to come to light, and Jen is ready to pop. So to whet your appetite, here are some pictures of what Jen likes to call "our little manger."

crib04_med.JPG crib02_med.JPG crib03_med.JPG

December 2009 Newsletter

IMG_0697a_thumb.jpeglogan.jpegWell, we're at the end of yet another year. As our parents always told us, time speeds up as you get older. I still think things that happened three years ago happened only a few months ago. It's been a while, since we have sent out an official newsletter/update, so it's about time. (This newsletter will only cover 2009, but I'll go back and retroactively add in some past newsletters later.)

Family Stuff

God has continued to bless us this past year with our continued health, steady jobs, good friends, our loyal doggy...and we're having a baby!!!!! Jen is seven months pregnant with our firstborn who we're told will be a boy. His tentative name is Logan Matthew Heyman. Jen's due date is March 24. We have a wishlist/registry available if you would like to contribute to the welfare of a minor.

The Logan Cometh

logan.jpegYou may have heard that a new Heyman is on the way. Allow me to introduce myself. The name is Logan, and I am scheduled to arrive around March 24. You can help my parents out by buying things on my wishlist or baby registries at Walmart, Babys R Us. Oh, and please do me a favor and get me clothing or blankets without any cutesy baby-style prints. If you wouldn't wear it, neither will I. (Being named after Wolverine, I do have an image to live up to after all.)

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