Outside Reading: Give to Caesar What Is Caesar's


Synopsis: I have often argued that Jesus' crafty answer to a prickly political question can hardly be cited as proof that God considers not paying taxes a sin. Indeed a few days later, one of the Pharisees' charges against Jesus is that he advocated not paying the Roman tax. Jeff Barr goes into some historical and political context. An interesting probable interpretation might be that in saying give to Caesar what is Caesars' that we should give nothing to Caesar. As Dorothy Day is reputed to have said, "If we rendered unto God all the things that belong to God, there would be nothing left for Caesar."

Outside Reading: A Conservative Christian's Descent into Anarchy

From: Joseph Sobran

Synopsis: Joseph Sobran, a long-time writer for the New Republic describes his journey from political conservatism to libertarianism, and finally anarchy. (For the record, when libertarians use the term, they do not mean chaos and lawlessness, but rather a condition in which there is no state.) I have excerpted the end which deals directly with Christianity.

Outside Reading: Christians Should Stop Supporting the U.S. Government


Synopsis: The IRS declares war on two retired Christians who swore a vow of poverty and run a ministry. Even though broke no law, the IRS trumps up every charge in the book, fines them more than the maximum fine, and gets them jailed for more than twice the maximum time for the law they allegedly broke. American Christians need to stop thinking of themselves as Americans. We are strangers in a strange land. Like Paul, we should take advantage of being citizens when we may but never identify more with America than with Christ.

Outside Reading: Santa ain't got nothin on ole St. Nick


Alistair Sooke explains why Saint Nicholas is more interesting than Santa Claus. Truth is always more interesting than fiction. And the best part is you don't have to ruin your children's trust forever to tell them the truth.

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