Outside Reading: The Killer in the Pool

From: OutsideOnline


Here's a really interesting article about Orcas (Killer Whales) in captivity. It traces the history of killer whales, focusing on Tilikum, the Orca that has killed at least three people (two trainers and one fool who jumped in the water after hours).

Outside Reading: Hard Science of Global Warming

From: ClimateGate

Synopsis: Describes a scientific paper debunking Global Warming. The paper is linked in the article, but sometimes things disappear from the internet, so the paper is also attached to this page for posterity.

Outside Reading: Science Eats Its Own


Synopsis: Henry Bauer describes what happens when scientists dare to take a non-mainstream view. Despite scientists' invoking of the condemnation of Galileo, they participate in a censorship program far more severe than the Catholic church ever did. (The Catholic church only condemned Galileo's philosophical and theological statements, not his scientific statements.)

As I remind my students, 25 years ago, bacteria didn't cause ulcers.

Outside Reading: End of Science as We Know It


Synopsis: Henry Bauer explains why science as we know it is dying. For the past four hundred years, it has been a growth industry on an exponential scale, but there is just not enough money to increase the funding of science. Moreover, as governments have become the primary funders of science, it has lost its impartiality and become an instrument of policymaking. Something has to give.

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