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Microsoft is too stupid to be malevolent

What's Games for Windows Live?
It's supposed to be an online account that allows users to save their game progress online, purchase games, play online with friends, etc. It was announced five years ago, but MicroSoft has never developed it properly. It started out as XboxLive, and embarrassingly, five years later, when you actually sign up for Games of Windows Live, it takes you to XboxLive. Does Microsoft have any idea what message they are sending?

Hot off the heels of my story about Google's incompetence comes a display of Microsoft's ineptitude. One of the great joys of Thanksgiving time are the fabulous discounts for computer games offered by Steam. Discounts from 50% - 90% are common. So naturally, when Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition went on sale for 75%, I snapped it up. Unfortunately, the good folks at Eidos have saddled, Batman: AA with Windows Live.

You can't save your progress unless you use Games for Windows Xbox Live. Okay, so sign up for an account. But you have to do an e-mail verification...wait a little longer...ask it to resend the confirmation...check to make sure the e-mail address is correct...check the e-mail server...send a test message to yourself...20 minutes later, still no e-mail...sign up again with a different e-mail.

Okay, it worked. Let's play...no, there's an update for Games for Windows Xbox Live, and I can't continue unless I let it install...wait five minutes, it looks like it finished, let's play!. Wait, no...it wants to install the update again! After two more cycles of this, I'm beginning to wonder if Steam will give me refund. Finally, I close all windows including Steam and try to run Games for Windows Xbox Live by itself, and it takes me to Windows Update. I have to patch Windows before I can update Games for Windows Xbox Live...why didn't it tell me this earlier?? I'm now installing the patch, which will hopefully allow me to update Games for Windows Xbox Live, which will hopefully allow me to play Batman: AA. Now reboot...Wait! Logan's up from his nap. I'm beginning to wonder if Eidos really wants me to play this game or not.

Google: Evil of Incompetent?

I recently purchased a Samsung Captivate. It's a smartphone that runs on Google's android operating system. The phone itself is very nifty, and Android is mostly fine, but Google—in the stupidest, most idiotic, boneheaded move ever—decided that you absolutely must have a gmail account to use the phone. In order to install apps from the "Market" you must enter a gmail account. All apps that you download or purchase are tied to this account forever. Moreover, when you purchase an app, it sends your receipt to the gmail account.

Logan the Musician

Following in the footsteps of avant-garde artists like Bobby McFerrin, Logan experiments with his environment as musical instrument.

Logan rides a doggie

Stand for something or fall for anything

Some people are just ahead of their time. This video was taken yesterday (5 months and a week and a half).

Bear mauls Fuzzy Ball

Outside Reading: The Blood Diamond Scam

From: Lewrockwell.com

Synopsis: While "Conflict diamonds," the subject matter of the DiCaprio movie Blood Diamond and the Bond film Die Another Day, make for (potentially) entertaining movies, the reality is far more mundane. In fact, the whole idea is in reality nothing more than a protectionist scheme concocted by DeBeers to artificially restrict the supply of diamonds. Kieron Ryan explains.

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