Patho Pharm I Course Page

Below are the topics, handouts, and notes for Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I. If you click on the title of a topic, you will be taken to the lecture files (mp3) for that topic. Alternatively, you may download the lectures as a zip file or subscribe as a podcast.

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Peripheral Neuro

Topics Include

  • Basic Neuro physiology
  • Divisions of Nervous System
  • Pharmacology of Peripheral Nervous System

Antibiotics and Infections

This module covers antibiotics, antifungals, and antimicrobials as well as general infection topics. You will need to know that fever and high WBCs are associated with infection.

Class Handouts: 

Inflammation and Infection

This module covers the cells and organs of the immune system, inflammatory processes, and their control mechanisms. It also covers infections and allergies (hypersensitivity reactions).


Anatomy and Physiology of pain, non pharmacologic measures, and drugs used in pain management:

  • Anesthetics
  • Acetaminophen
  • Opioids
Class notes: 

Fluids and Electrolytes

Fluid physiology and types of fluids
Electrolyte interpretation and medications
Acid Base Balance


Physiology of blood
CBC interpretation
Anemia physiology and pharmacology
Blood Products

Class Handouts: 

Bleeding and Clotting

Physiology of clotting
Various clotting and bleeding disorders
Lab tests of clotting
Antiplatelet drugs
Anticoagulant drugs
Thrombolytic drugs

Must Know Drugs

Must Know Drug List
This is a list of 100ish representative drugs from common drug classes. You must know the drug information for these medications/classes without having to look it up. Each semester, you add more drugs. Each semester, you will take a quiz on the must know drug list. The quizzes are cumulative.

Must Know Drugs Lectures: