We hope you’ve all had a very Merry Christmas and are off to a wonderful New Year. It has been a while since many of you have heard from us, so to bring you up to date… Jen and I moved to West Palm Beach in the fall of 2003 after celebrating our first year of marriage.

After completing my PhD at UF, I accepted a faculty position with Palm Beach Atlantic University in their brand new nursing program. Jen was able to transfer within the VA hospital system. Our first home was really a blessing even though it did require some major cosmetic reconstruction (we basically gutted the poor thing). However, following last year’s unprecedented hurricane season, we thought it would be wiser to find a newer concrete block home equipped with hurricane shutters. With the assistance of a very prosperous real estate market, we were able to do just that this past May. Our new home in Riviera Beach is just about perfect for us, and is only minutes from the beach and the VA hospital….a real bonus for Jen! I just completed my first full-time semester of teaching at PBA, having spent the previous 2 years doing mostly administrative activities preparing the new program. This past semester was very demanding on student and professor alike, but things will improve as the curriculum progresses. In addition to the nursing stuff, I also developed and taught Introduction to Ballroom Dance and and Intro to Latin Dance, but after three semesters teaching night dance classes, I’m taking a hiatus.

In addition to relocating, changing jobs, and moving twice, we’ve also traveled a bit over the past few years. For our first anniversary, we spent a long weekend at a resort in the Bahamas. Then, shortly thereafter, we visited AUTEC on San Andros Island with my parents. In the summer of 2004, we spent a week discovering Washington State. The trip was both business and pleasure, with an academic conference in Spokane, a few days in downtown Seattle, and a few days to relax at a Bed & Breakfast in the mountains somewhere between. We had the great fortune of visiting during salmon season, making for especially “good eats”. (Good Eats with Alton Brown has become our favorite—or rather, only—TV show.) In February 2005, we went to yet another conference, this time in Atlanta. We were able to visit with quite a few of my nursing cronies who were also attending the conference, as well as our friends, the DellaVecchias, who had made arrangements to join us there. Then, in August, we visited them at their home in Durham, NC just a few weeks after the birth of their new baby girl, Ashlyn. This past October, during the weekend of hurricane Wilma, we headed out of town to Orlando, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast, stopping to visit Universal Studios, our future homesite in Palm Coast, and several of our friends who also had had new babies born within the year. We were thankful to return to our new home having suffered only minimal damage from Wilma’s winds.

We’ve enjoyed sharing in the joy and blessing brought by so many new little babies in these past few years. Not only have so many of our friends been starting their families, but within our own immediate family, as well. In January 2004, my brother had his first son, Samuel Joshua. And then, just this past November, they had their second, Noah Michael. Jen & I are the very proud Auntie and “Unckity” of our two nephews. For those of you out there thinking, “So when are you going to have kids?” Our response is, “maybe in 2008”.

In the meantime, we plan to keep working, traveling, and dancing. We recently joined a dance studio where we have an excellent teacher and a lot of social opportunities to show off our fancy moves. As for future travel plans, we’re planning to spend a week in Williamsburg, Virginia this summer. Then, next December, we’ve got a ski trip planned to Breckenridge, Colorado. That’s as much as we have planned for now.

We will do our best to keep in touch. Drop us a line, or an e-mail anytime…we would love to hear from you. Many blessings to you all in 2006! With Love,

Pat & Jen Heyman

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