December 2009 Newsletter

IMG_0697a_thumb.jpeglogan.jpegWell, we’re at the end of yet another year. As our parents always told us, time speeds up as you get older. I still think things that happened three years ago happened only a few months ago. It’s been a while, since we have sent out an official newsletter/update, so it’s about time. (This newsletter will only cover 2009, but I’ll go back and retroactively add in some past newsletters later.)

Family Stuff

God has continued to bless us this past year with our continued health, steady jobs, good friends, our loyal doggy…and we’re having a baby!!!!! Jen is seven months pregnant with our firstborn who we’re told will be a boy. His tentative name is Logan Matthew Heyman. Jen’s due date is March 24. We have a wishlist/registry available if you would like to contribute to the welfare of a minor.

Trip to AlaskaThis June, Jen and I got to take a fabulous (in Jen’s words), week-long Alaskan cruise aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines Pearl.  We visited Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, Victoria, and Seattle again.  This was our first “real” cruise as married folk, and Jen highly recommends that you take one if you are looking for a true getaway vacation.

We had incredibly good weather—not a cloud in the sky the whole trip and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. We saw Orca (Killa) whales, saw several glaciers, ziplined through the Tongass rainforest, met some nice people, met some weird people, and overall had a lot of fun. Jen has now decided that she loves cruises and wants to do them more often. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan, but it is nice in that there is absolutely no honey-do list. I think cruising with other friends would be more fun…so if you’re in the market to go on a cruise (and can arrange for a sitter) look us up.

We also took a trip to Washington, D.C. (see below for details).

Pat’s Stuff

The year started off the same as any other year. I am still working at Palm Beach Atlantic University as a nursing professor. I am trying some new innovations in my teaching methodology, and last year, I recorded all my lectures and put them up as podcasts for the students to listen to. The idea was that I would no longer lecture, but go over big picture stuff and application, more quizzing, etc. For the most part it was successful—I am currently making improvements based on the new website (which I’ll cover later).

thumb_IMG_0492-edited.JPGI was promoted to associate professor (from assistant professor) and had the opportunity to present at a technology in nursing/education conference in Washington, D.C. (The unfortunate thing that I’ve discovered is that most people at these types of technology conferences don’t really love/understand technology.) Jen got to come along with me, and we did the tourist thing—neither of us had ever been to Washington before. While we were there, we got to eat dinner with Matt Leopold (my old roommate), and his wife, Kim, and daughter, Ava.

In the past few months, I installed Drupal (a web management program) and have been using it to overhaul the website. You’ll notice that there are a lot more updates now than in the past. Part of that is thanks to Drupal. For example, I now have a little block on the left hand side that shows articles that I have been reading lately. So if you want to see part of what goes on the mind of a Pat, make sure you read those articles. (I only put articles that I find exceptional on there.) You’ll also notice a wishlist for me. Other fun things that I have planned include reviews of the books I’ve read and am reading. I also hope to have a nifty way to add scheduling of food for people who want to bring us meals after the baby is born. Finally, I’m using Drupal to re-organize and improve my delivery of the nursing lectures I talked about above (still a work in progress).

About two years ago, I finally acted on a lifelong dream and purchased my first gun. This year, I purchased a shotgun. It is incredible the amount of information out there to absorb when planning to purchase a gun. So I wrote a series of articles on choosing a shotgun, what options to choose when buying a Remington 870, and am planning to write one on recommended modifications to the Remington 870. I also took a shotgun class with Randy Cain (one of the best gun instructors in the U.S.). You can see my writeup of the class along with some class videos.

Jen’s stuff

Jen is still working at the VA Medical Center as a clinical pharmacist. She is now assigned full-time to the HBPC (home based primary care) program for veterans who can still live at home but have trouble getting to the doctor’s office. As part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team, she reviews the patients’ charts and makes recommendations for pharmacological therapies and what not. As satisfying as this position has been for her, she is planning on transitioning into a more flexible position after the baby arrives as a CBOC pharmacist processing orders for CBOC (community outpatient clinics).

Jen has been spending most of her free time lately looking for deals on baby stuff and coordinating the reorganization of the house in getting ready for the baby. (I, of course, am the muscle behind the project.) She also still enjoys working out and spending time with our vicious man-killer, Glory.

Trip to Alaska

Trip to AlaskaJen and I just got back from a cruise to Alaska.  We took the Pearl from Norwegian Cruise Lines from Seattle to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria.  We had incredibly good weather–not a cloud in the sky the whole trip and temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

We saw Orca (Killa) whales, saw several glaciers, ziplined through the rainforest, and generally had a lot of fun.  Click on the picture to see some pictures.

Dr. and Dr. Heyman Go to Washington

Jen at the Washington MonumentWell, at the ripe young age of … I finally made it to Washington, DC.  I went for a nursing technology conference along with two colleagues and Jen.  Jen and I had the first day pretty much free, so we toured the city.  Jen missed the eighth grade trip to DC because of gymnastics.  And me? I was living in La República Oriental del Uruguay.

Anyway, if you think you’re up to it, here is the Heyman abbreviated foot tour of Washington.  (I say abbreviated because we only hit a small percentage of the sites.  Still, it’s at least six miles, and took us six hours to do.

Heyman Abbreviated Foot Tour of Washington, DC.

Map of Heyman Foot Tour of Washington, DC

  1. Start from the Arlington Cemetary Metro Station.
  2. Tour the Arlington Cemetary.  Be aware that going to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or Kennedy’s gravesite adds at least a mile of walking inside the cemetary.
  3. Walk across the Potomac to the Lincoln Memorial.  Hey it doesn’t look that far.  From the Parking Lot, it’s a little more than a mile.  Notice that the memorial refers to itself as a Temple.  Also notice the fasces standing guard outside and that Lincoln’s hands are resting on fasces, leading me to call it the Temple to American Fascism.
  4. From there, bear left toward the Vietnam Memorial.
  5. Continue on to the World War II Memorial.
  6. Continue the loop back up to the Lincoln Memorial and stop at the World War Memorial along the way.  It’s very peacful.
  7. Now continue on to the Korean War Memorial.  I think this was my favorite memorial.  There are three parts to it: statues of soldiers, a granite wall with images etched into it, and a fountain.  The wall is quite striking with its ghostly images.  The pictures show up the etchings much more clearly than they appeared in real life.
  8. Now cross the street and go to the Tidal Basin to see some Cherry Blossoms (assuming they’re in season–they weren’t for us).
  9. Walking along the basin, cross the street and go around the Washington Monument, the most phallic structure in DC.  You can get (free) tickets to go up inside the Monument, but they were sold out days in advance of our arriving.  A high school group was playing Big Band Music in the nearby bandshell.
  10. By this time, about four hours will have passed, and you’re probably hungry, so head up 15th street passing the Treasury building on the left where Geitner and his minions are hatching their evil inflationary monetary policy.  On the right is the Old Ebitt Grill, so stop in and have some lunch; you might just rub shoulders with some Whitehouse staffers or media bigwigs.
  11. Now walk around the entire Whitehouse, being sure to notice the protesters that no one else is noticing on the north side.  Slightly anti-climactic if you ask me, although they do have some pretty flowers.
  12. Now head down to the Smithsonians (plural, because they are plural).  The first one is the Museum of American History, but I suggest skipping it.  It’s a madhouse full of kids everywhere.  I thought we were walking into the Superbowl, judging by the roar of the crowd.
  13. Then walk over to the Museum of Natural History where Ben Stiller works nights.
  14. From here, I’d like to see the Capitol, but Jen says there is no way she’s walking another mile down to the Capitol, so instead cross the “Mall” to the Smithsonian Institute (called the “Castle” by some tour guides) and peek inside.
  15. Along the way stop and take a picture of the Capitol.  Under no circumstances must you ever go into the Capitol lest you offend the sensitive probiscis of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.
  16. Head to the nearest Metro station and head back home.

I hope you brought some good, broken-in walking shoes, or tomorrow your fee will hurt, and you might just have some blisters.  Oh, and bring sun screen if the sun is out (the great irony of of living in South Florida, driving a convertible to work every day and getting sunburned in DC).