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Synopsis: One of the weaknesses of the internet is its ephemeral, transient nature. Favorite articles and resources one day simply turn up missing. But if you're lucky, you can still find it on

So it is with one of my favorite articles on the subject of nursing theory and research. Jef Raskins was a mathematician and computer scientist who wrote a fun article debunking at least one area of nursing theory and research. When he died, his website died with him, but is now preserved on and this website.

What I find so endearing about the article is that, unlike so much of nursing "scholarship", it is very readable. So, I'll let it speak for itself:

Super Duper, Ultra Complicated Economic Topics

Okay, they're really not. They are simply a logical progression of earlier concepts. You might want to review all the previous concepts, because a firm grasp on them will help during the next section.

Inflated egos

Basic Principles of Economics

These principles are generally agreed upon by most contemporary schools of economic thought, but they are presented here as elaborated by the Austrian School of Economics.

People are rational.

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