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Lectures and Podcasts

All of the lectures are available in mp3 format and can be listened to online or downloaded and listened to on a computer, mp3 player or burned to a CD.

Note: I highly recommend listening to the lectures sped up at least 1.5x. Your brain processes audio information faster than most people talk. (If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming while in class or church despite being genuinely interested in the subject, you probably were listening too slow.) For the first time through, I’d recommend 1.5x speed. For a second (or third) run, I suggest 1.75x or 2x.

There are two ways to speed up sound. Change the pitch or change the tempo. You want a program that will speed up the tempo without speeding up the pitch to avoid the chipmunk effect. VLC on the computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux) can do this. Itunes (on the iOS but not Mac or PC) and many Android apps can also do this.

Patho Pharm 1: Podcast Feed Subscribe with iTunes Download as Zip File (392 MB)
Patho Pharm 2: Podcast Feed Subscribe with iTunes Download as Zip File (447 MB)
Health Assessment: Podcast Feed Subscribe with iTunes Download as Zip File (194 MB)
Must Know Drugs: Podcast Feed Subscribe with iTunes Download as Zip File (48 MB)

To subscribe to using iTunes:

To subscribe to using an Android phone

  1. The music player in Android 4.0 and higher can play sound files faster. If you have an older version of android, you can use the Audio Speed Changer Lite App to speed up (or slow down podcasts)
  2. As for getting the podcasts into your phone in the first place, you’ll need to install a podcatcher app or copy them over from your computer (see below for how to get them onto your computer). There are a huge number of podcast clients available for Android. Some of the popular ones include: Pocket Casts (paid) DoggCatcher (paid), Podkicker (free), ACast (free),

Older information for Android

  1. (You can still use Astroplayer, but there are now free alternatives that will let you speed up your podcasts.)
    Your best bet is to use Astroplayer. You will need to purchase it from the Market.Astroplayer QR
  2. Download Astroplayer and Astroplayer upgrade ($3.40)
  3. Astroplayer is highly customizable. I recommend clicking menu > more > options >menu, and then dragging podcasts to one of the top five positions. This will ensure that any time you hit the menu key while in Astroplayer, podcasts will be one of the first options you see.
  4. Press menu > podcasts
  5. On the podcasts page, press Menu then Add
  6. Enter your feed URL in the text box and click Search.
  7. The podcast should show up below the search box. Tap the podcast and select “Add”
  8. The podcast will be added to your podcast list. By default, Astroplayer only downloads the last 20 episodes. To download all the episodes, tap the podcast and choose “Policy: Get new…” and choose Get All.
  9. You can speed up the podcasts without changing the pitch, so that voices do not sound like chipmunks. I recommend listening on 1.35x or 1.5x for the first run through a podcast. Listen on 2x if you listen again.
  10. Another nice feature in Astroplayer is bookmarks. You can bookmark your spot in any podcast, then listen to something else and come back to the bookmark at any time.

To listen using computer without iTunes

There are two ways to listen to podcasts on your computer without iTunes.
1. For each topic on the website, if you click on the topic title, it will take you to a page with the podcast lectures for that topic.
2. You can subscribe to the podcasts using a podcatcher (Podcast manager) Reviews of popular podcatchers here.

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Questions, e-mail: Patrick Heyman.

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