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Where Can I Learn More?

  • Barbell Medicine.  Two strength coaches who are also doctors run the website and have a podcast by the same name.  Dr Feigenbaum’s youtube channel is their outlet.  They are also active on Instagram.  I really enjoy their take on things, although their programs are sometimes seemingly overly complicated.  They have a free beginner’s program available in exchange for your e-mail address.
  • Paul Revelia. Paul’s focus is body building, and he has an excellent reputation in prepping men and women for contests as well as just regular people who want to be fit.  His main business is personalized coaching, but his youtube channel has tons of free helpful content, and he’ll send you a beginner’s workout and nutrition guide if you subscribe to his e-mail letter.  He also has a number of female coaches on staff.
  • Lacey Dunn: Registered dietician and body builder, Lacey specializes in helping women achieve weight loss and their desired physique.
  • Alan Thrall: You’ve seen some of his videos above.  Alan has a gym called Untamed Strength and recently became a Barbell Medicine coach.  He now offers online coaching through Barbell Medicine.
  • Radu Antoniu: Radu is a Romanian who started making very entertaining videos about his progress of getting stronger and leaner.  He has a very engaging style and eventually came out with his own program called Shred Smart.  It’s pretty decent.  He no longer makes fitness videos, so there’s not an enormous backlog of videos to FOMO.
  • Omar Isuf is a Canadian who just got into lifting.  He’s quite the character, and his channel reflects his growth over the years that he’s been lifting.  He likes to have lots of guests from the lifting world.

Should I get a personal trainer?

You certainly don’t need one, but they can be helpful.  But be careful.  Most of the personal trainers, especially the ones that work at commercial gyms (Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, 24 hour Fitness, etc.) are garbage.  You’re lucky if their advice doesn’t actually harm you.  It might be a good idea to get a coach, preferably someone who is familiar with and performs the basic compound lifts themselves.  If you can’t find anyone local, you can get online coaching at both Starting Strength and Barbell Medicine.

Here in West Palm Beach, I do recommend Stefani Glise: PBA’s own 2018 Outstanding graduate from the Business School is a personal trainer.  I’ve known Stefani for several years.  She’s the real deal.

Fellow PBA professor Cori Thompson is also a good resource.  You can find her in the Outlook/Lync address book.

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