Well, this marks a new direction for the Pat Heyman website.  I’m going to begin posting some material regarding my oldest new hobby…shooting.

It all started when I was a kid and some of my parents’ friends had a shotgun for killing snakes in Africa.  Then we got a Daisy BB gun (air rifle), and later an air pistol.  Then I went to the Air Force Academy, and we had one day of Combat Arms Training and Munitions (CATM)–learning to operate, maintain, and shoot the M-16 and M-9 (Beretta 92FS).  And then….and then nothing.

I left the academy, became a poor college student, then a poor post-graduate student, and then I got married.  The, to quote Harry Chapin, “There were planes to catch, and bills to pay,” and another five years slipped away.

Recently, however, my gun interest has been revived, and after several weeks of painstaking research, acquired a gun.

The next few posts will be dedicated to some of the research and decisions, a prospective gun owner will need to make on the way to the purchase of their first firearm.