Dear Allison and Twitch,

I was saddened to hear the motivation for Allison’s choreography with Fik Shun, so I thought I would share a few of my thoughts.


You are one of my favorite dancers. I have always thought that you were robbed, being eliminated after two of the best dance performances of all time (your Tango and Lyrical Hip Hop). You also had one of the best West Coast Swings on the show and definitely the coolest pants. I was excited to see you back on the show as an All-Star. The memory of your dance performances has brightened my life for nine years.


Even though you did not compete until season four, I mourned for you when you did not make Season 2 and 3. I admired your attitude and the manner in which you took the judges feedback and tried again after a year of study and hard work. I shared your joy when you made season four and was ecstatic when you reached the final four and voted for you. I appreciate your openness and generosity as a dance partner as you took part in some of the most iconic dance performances in So You Think You Can Dance history, particularly your dances with Alex Wong and Lauren Froderman. I am happy for the success in your career. If you are at all the person that you seem to be on So You Think You Can Dance, it is well deserved.

To both of you,

God has obviously blessed both of you with looks, charisma, talent, discipline, and success in your chosen field. Apparently, he has also blessed you with love as well. I don’t want to be naive; on average, fifty percent of marriages fail. For celebrity couples, it is far worse. But my prayer for you is that each day, you will make choices that increase your love for one another, that the passion I see on the dance floor would translate into passion for each other, and not anger or frustration or resentment. I pray that you will continue to bless me with your dance and that you will have beautiful master-dance race babies who will be as successful as you have been.

Thank you for the joy that you have brought to my life and to thousands of others. You have my blessing.

Best regards,

Pat Heyman