April 1996

med_tagging4.jpgThere is something special about seeing a huge sea turtle braving the pounding surf to nest.  Every year, thousands of people are drawn to coasts around the world in order to get a glimpse of these beautiful creatures.  Some go farther and help researchers tag and study turtles.

I first wrote these articles while working at Holbrook Travel. I was in charge of creating a website for them, but found myself in a dilemma; we had nothing to put on the website. So after careful research and several interviews, I wrote this series of articles. With the pasage of time, the articles have been removed from the Holbrook website. Perhaps it’s sentiment for my sophomore effort, or perhaps it’s professional pride, but I thought that the articles were important enough to save for posterity. They are centered around the conservation efforts to preserve the Green Sea Turtle.

So I hope that you learn something, and I hope you enjoy the articles. I look forward to hearing from you.